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23 August 2006 @ 01:37 am
Week 1: The Pawning of Anthony Rapp  

Behind the Weekly Adventures: The Stuff You Didn't See

Week 1: The Pawning of Anthony Rapp:

  • The entire concept of Jesse L. Martin pawning Anthony Rapp's belongings came about after a discussion of the particularly vile piece of netspeak that is "pwns" and how it didn't convey "owns" nearly as much as it conveyed "pawns." Thus: Jesse L. Martin Owns Anthony Rapp becomes Jesse L. Martin Pwns Anthony Rapp becomes Jesse L. Martin Pawns Anthony Rapp. It's all very logical if you think about it.

  • Jesse wasn't originally intended to pawn Anthony Rapp's glasses. Unable to find an adequate picture of a bespectacled Rapp looking sad, we settled on a specs-less picture, thus coining the phrase, "Jesse L. Martin pawned my glasses."

  • Also discussed but not included was a scene where Rapp, sitting despondently on a curb, begins to cry a bit as Jesse rides circles around him on the Segway.

  • Implied but not mentioned is the fact that Jesse L. Martin pawned Rapp's belongings to several different pawn shops on opposite ends of town, making Rapp's last minute scrambling that much harder.

  • Images and Icons: