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25 August 2006 @ 03:04 pm
Week 5: The Super True Believers Club  

Behind the Weekly Adventures: The Stuff You Didn't See

Week 5: The Super True Believers Club:

  • There was one week in which Tracie could not attend the meeting because of a scheduling conflict. Panicked, Wilson declared that The Super True Believer Of The Week Award would not be given out that night due to a problem at the lapel pin factory. In reality, he just didn't want to name Daphne as Super True Believer Of The Week. He always feels that she could do a little more to spread the word of the True Believers.

  • After repeated interruptions by Adam Pascal, Jesse has an elaborate alarm system comprised of trip wires and buckets of hot tar installed in the tree house to keep unwelcome guests away. Each night, as the Super True Believers descend the rungs of the hastily nailed ladder at the end of the meeting, they find Pascal, covered in tar and shakily telling them how he just decided to drop by.

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